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Busting About Your Bust

, | Friendly | January 7, 2015

(I’m studying to become a physiotherapist. We have a clinic at the school where students give discounted treatments. As a bonus, if there is a slot available, students can get treatments for free. I’m getting a massage from a girl in my class, Friend #1, and another friend of mine from class, Friend #2, is tagging along as he doesn’t have a patient at the moment. The school clinic is not very soundproof as we give treatments in little booths, so conversations can easily be overheard. I have been lying on my stomach and Friend #1 has asked me to turn over and lie on my back.)

Friend #1: “Wow, [My Name], your breasts are really big!”

Me: “Uhh, okay…”

Friend #1: “No, but just look at them. They´re HUGE!”

Me: “Um, well, I guess they are…”

Friend #1: “I mean, you´re lying on your back, and they still point upwards! Mine always fall to the sides!”

Me: “Yeah, okay…”

(Friend #2 is getting visibly embarrassed and is trying to get Friend #1 to talk in a lower voice by shushing her.)

Friend #1: *to [Friend #2]* “But just look at them!”

Me: “Can we please talk about anything besides my breasts?!”

Friend #1: “But they’re so big!”

(Suddenly we hear the student and patient from the next booth laughing hysterically, obviously from hearing our ‘conversation.’)

Friend #1: *to the other booth* “It’s okay! We know each other!”

Me: “Okay, maybe we can talk about something else now, so that people won’t think that we’re crazy here at [School]?”

Friend #1: “But they’re so big!”

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