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Busser Is Bust

, , , , , | Working | May 28, 2018

(I just arrived with a group of friends at a restaurant during their busy lunch time. After a short wait, the waitress takes us to our table, but we arrive to find that there are two dirty dishes, a spill of sauce, and wadded up napkins on the table.)

Hostess: “Hey. I thought you cleared this table.”

Busser: “Yeah, getting there. Hold on.”

(The hostess apologizes and asks us to wait a moment, but we are sort of standing near the aisle where servers come out of the kitchen, so we finally sit to get out of the way. The whole time, the busser is nearby, rolling silverware. A few minutes later, our server comes over.)

Server: “Oh, was your table not cleaned off?”

Me: “No, the hostess said someone would be over, but…”

Server: “I’m really sorry. I’ll fix this.” *to busser* “Hey, you missed another table over here.”

Busses: “I know! I’m busy!”

(Our waitress fetches a damp rag to clean the spill, throws out the trash, and then takes our order and fetches us silverware. Soon, our appetizers come out. We are almost done eating them when the busser finally shows up.)

Busser: “What? Too impatient to wait for me?”

Me: “Just hungry! The server cleaned it up.”

Busser: “But she didn’t sanitize the tabletop. You people are gross. Here.”

(The busser started to spray some kind of sanitizer all over the table AND our appetizers. We immediately asked for the manager. Our meal was comped, so we tipped the full cost of the meal for the remaining employees who had to put up with a bad busser!)

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