Bus Stop Flop

| Working | May 11, 2015

(I’m a tourist in Stockholm, and have purchased a blue chipcard that lets me ride the subway for three days. After the third day, I need to get to my ferry, so I decide to buy one more single ticket. I’m in the little underground shop that sells single tickets.)

Me: “Hello, can I have a single ticket, please?”

Cashier: “Sure.” *rings me up*

Me: “You need my blue card?”

Cashier: “No.”

Me: “Are you sure? The ticket needs to be on the card, right?”

Cashier: “No. Here’s your receipt.”

Me: “But how do I go through…?”

Cashier: “Just go. The clerk will open the gate for you.”

Me: “But I…” *sigh*

(I go up to the clerk at the gates, and show him my receipt.)

Me: “Can you put my ticket on my card?”

Clerk: “Here you go.” *opens gate*

Me: “That’s not what I needed…”

Clerk: “GO!”

(Confused, I proceed through the gate, no longer able to speak to him. I go on the subway and at my final stop, I get out. I approach the clerk at the subway gates.)

Me: “Hi! I have my card, and this ticket. Can you transfer the ticket to my card?”

Clerk: “Uh, no. Your receipt is your ticket.”

Me: “I need to go on a bus from here. Can you please transfer it?”

Clerk: “No. You can use the ticket on the bus.”

Me: “All right. Where are the buses?”

Clerk: “Go down to the subway platform and at the end are the bus stops.”

(I followed his directions and found another exit at the far end of the platform. There was a stairway going down to a bus stop, but my number wasn’t listed, so I assumed it was somewhere else. I hesitated to go out because at that exit, there was no clerk on duty at the gate. Eventually, I went out, but there was no other bus stop. I ended up walking the last mile in the rain, along the roadside, with a heavy backpack on my back.)

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