Burst Their Entitlement Bubble

| Friendly | March 5, 2016

(I am a cashier at a fast food restaurant. A mother has come in with two young children: the two kids are sent off to sit in a booth while the mother orders but they’re close enough she can see them while waiting in line. Behind her are a group of high school kids that are loud and have no respect for any of the other customers there. Instead of waiting further back, they’ve gotten as close to the counter as they can, effectively crowding the people ahead of them in line. The following conversation happens when the woman turns to check on her kids and realizes the high schoolers are blocking her view.)

Woman: “All right, I’m going to need you to back up and get out of my personal bubble. Seriously, what do they teach you in schools these days? You’re in my personal bubble and worst of all, I can’t see my kids. Don’t you guys have any concept of personal space? You’re in my bubble.”

High Schooler: *sarcastically* “Personal bubble?”

(The woman turns and stands right in front of the kid, her face inches from his, staring straight at him and following him when he begins to back up.)

Woman: “When I stand right here, this close to you, does this make you feel uncomfortable?”

High Schooler: *suddenly nervous* “Y-yes?”

Woman: “Yeah, it does. That’s a personal bubble. That’s how it feels when you crowd around people. Just wait until you’re old enough and you’re driving your really drunk friend home from the bar. You’ll know what I’m talking about.”

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