Burrito No-No, Part 4

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(I work in mall food court. Two girls around ten years old come up to order food without a parent.)

Girl #1: “I’ll have, um… rice, chicken…”

Me: “What kind of item would you like? A burrito, taco?”

Girl #1: “Burrito. A small one.”

(We technically have three sizes of burritos: the regular size, the junior size, and the kid’s meal burrito. Since the kid’s burrito is about the right size to feed a four-year-old, and she’s pointing at the regular section of the menu, I make her a junior burrito.)

Girl #2: “I’ll have the same thing.”

(About half an hour later, once they girls have had enough time to eat their food, the girls’ mom comes storming up.)

Mom: *to my coworker at the cash register* “You gave my girls the wrong food! They ordered [kid’s meal cheese quesadilla]!”

(The kid’s cheese quesadilla is the cheapest thing on the menu, and doesn’t include meat. The girls clearly asked for chicken.)

Coworker: “I don’t remember seeing any quesadillas come down the line…” *asks for manager*

Mom: “You charged them for junior burritos! They ordered kid’s burritos!”

Manager: “I’m sorry, ma’am. I can give you a refund for the junior burritos, but I will have to charge your card for the kid’s burritos.”

Mom: “Whatever. Just do it.”

Manager: “Sorry for the misunderstanding.”

Mom: “There was no misunderstanding!”

(My manager refunds the two burritos and two regular-sized drinks, then charges the mom for the kid’s burrito — which includes kid’s-sized drinks.)

Mom: “I need a refill on this drink!”

(She hands the manager the regular-sized drink that she just got a refund on. The manager refills the drink.)

Mom: “No! I wanted more ice! Dump it out and try again!”

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