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Burning Non-Existent Bridges

, , , , , | Right | August 1, 2020

Customer: “Hi, can you tell me how to get to the bridge to Vancouver?”

Me: “I’m sorry, but there is no bridge to Vancouver.”

Customer: “Well, that’s impossible; I came over on a bridge!”

Me: “The only way to get on the island is to travel by ferry or plane. I promise there is no bridge to Vancouver.”

Customer: “This is terrible service!”

She hasn’t purchased anything.

Customer: “I can’t believe someone that lives here doesn’t know where the bridge is!”

Me: “I’m sorry, but I don’t know about a bridge to Vancouver.”

The customer storms out. A few minutes later, the guy working in the store next door comes in on his break and starts telling me about this unbelievable idiot he just had. I interrupt, asking if it was the bridge lady. Sure was!

Customer: “How do I get to the bridge to Vancouver?”

Coworker: “There is no bridge to Vancouver, ma’am.”

Customer: “YES. THERE. IS! I swear I came over on a bridge! How does no one know about it? It was called the Johnson bridge?”

Coworker: “OH! Do you mean the Johnson Street bridge? That’s close to here, but it doesn’t go to Vancouver, just to a suburb of Victoria.”

Customer: “YES! That’s the bridge to Vancouver! The Johnson Street Bridge! How do I get there?”

Coworker: *Gives up* “Turn left at the next lights and stay left; you can’t miss it.”

The customer leaves.

Coworker: “Have a great time in Esquimalt!”