There Is A Burning Need To Leave

, , , | Right | September 25, 2017

(There is a fire next door, and I have just been notified. I am about to go around alerting the guests in the building next to the one that is burning. Thankfully, only one of the rooms is occupied.)

Me: *knocks on the door, and the guest opens up* “Hi! There is a fire next door, and I have to ask you to evacuate immediately.”

Guest: “What?”

Me: “The building behind your room is on fire, and we are not sure if the fire will come this way, so we are asking that you leave the room.”

Guest: “Leave my room? I have to take a shower! I need to go somewhere and get ready!”

Me: “Well, the building behind you is burning, and has smoke coming out of the roof!”

(The guest closes the door. I can’t get her to leave, so I go find my manager to help me. I am unable to find her until I look on our roof. She is up there, spraying water with a hose on our roof, so the fire won’t be as dangerous if it comes over to our building. She tells me to get a key to another room and ask the guest again to leave.)

Me: *knocks on the door, and the guest’s husband opens up; all the while you can hear the fire trucks approaching* “Hi, there’s a fire next door—”

Guest’s Husband: *he cuts me off* “Yeah, I know. I opened up the bathroom window and immediately smelled the smoke. I had to show her so she would get dressed.”

Guest: *fully dressed and with a “just got yelled at” expression on her face* “I’m ready. Where do we have to go?”

Me: “Here’s a key to room [number]. It is in the other building, and you can keep it for the rest of the night. You can finish getting ready in there.”

(I may not have had a building full of guests, but the only two that I had sure caused me some trouble.)

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