Burning Ears But No Drowning Fears

| Lexington, KY, USA | Right | July 22, 2012

(A little girl starts to drown in the kiddie section of the pool and the lifeguard jumps in to save her. The mother of the child pays no attention while she’s sunbathing.)

Lifeguard: *calmly* “Ma’am, your daughter was just drowning.”

Mother: “Ugh, I told my other children to keep an eye out for her. Fine, give her to me!”

Lifeguard: “Just try to be a little more careful, okay?”

(Incredibly, the mother proceeds to yell at the little girl for drowning and then yells at her other small children for not watching her. The lifeguard sits back down in her chair. A random person who has seen everything walks by.)

Random Person: “What happened? Is she okay?”

Lifeguard: “Yeah, the mom just wasn’t paying attention.”

Mother: *on the other side of the pool* “DON’T SAY I WASN’T PAYING ATTENTION!”

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  • Moon

    If the girl died, then it would be REALLY REALLY BAD!
    Let’s hope that she becomes a Mythical and didn’t get the STUPID AF gene from her mother.

  • Jennifer Roulston

    Pretty sad that total strangers care more about her safety than her own mother.

  • OIby48

    Paid attention THAT time, didn’t she?