Burger Budgeting 101

, | USA | Right | May 7, 2012

(I’m eating a hamburger. I see the man next to me carefully picking a slab of cheese out of his burger, wrapping it in a paper napkin, and eating the rest of the burger. It puzzles me, so I ask him about it.)

Me: *point at napkin* “Excuse me, but why did you do that?”

Man: “Oh, every time I eat a burger, I set one ingredient aside. At the end of the week, I have a free burger!”

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  • I can’t decide wether this is stupid, or ridiculously clever…

    • Aaron

      Both, but more leaning towards stupid, as the ingredients from early on won’t be anywhere near as fresh, if at all

      • Good point… On second thoughts, I’m not sure if that’s at all healthy

  • Abigail Hermione Irwin

    And here I thought *my* fridge was occasionally a hazard zone …