Bunkmates For Eternity

| Northampton, PA, USA | Learning | June 18, 2015

(In art class we are tasked with drawing an object completely invented by our imagination. While most of my classmates made things such as rocket cars and robotic appliances, some classmates decided to go into the project with the intention of making the weirdest thing they could think of. This was one of the more memorable results.)

Teacher: “[Classmate], what is that you’re drawing? It looks like a box on top of another box.”

Classmate: “Bunk coffins! You know, like a bunk bed for dead people, so you can be buried with a friend!”

Teacher: “What do you do if one person dies before the other one does?”

Classmate: “You either stick the dead one in your freezer next to the pizza and ice cream and wait or ask someone to poison your friend’s food in your will.”

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