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Bumbling For A Name

| Related | December 15, 2011

(I am ringing up a mother with her young daughter. I politely ask her what she plans to do with yellow and black ribbon, and bumblebee stickers.)

Mother: “Well, I’m going to try and make something for my daughter’s soccer team. They’re ‘The Bumblebees’.”

Me: “Oh, that’s so cute!”

Mother: “Yes, we were all thrilled when the girls changed their team colors from blue to yellow and black this year. They used to be ‘The Blue Balls’!”

(I pause for a moment while this information sinks in, then burst out laughing.)

Mother: “It was bad. They got their blue outfits, and when the coach asked what team name they should have, my daughter looked down at the soccer ball by her feet and said, ‘The Blue Balls’!”


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