Bullying Jocks Are Just Cupid, Part 2

| Romantic | March 12, 2013

(I am standing in line in a canteen at a theme park. I’m patiently stood behind a group of about three teenagers. In front of them is a boy with cerebral palsy, who is about to take his turn. Suddenly from in front of me I see the group of teenagers push past the boy as he fumbles with his money.)

Boy #1: “Get out of my way! Just because your face is messed up, don’t mean you get to take an hour to order!”

Younger Boy: *shaken* “I… I’m sorry.”

(The boy looks like he is about to cry as he earns a shove from one of the others.)

Boy #2: “Retard…”

Boy #3: “You’re never gonna get a date looking like that!”

(This sends me over the edge. I pull the rudest boy round by the arm. The boys just smirk at me until they hear the power of my voice.)

Me: “You! Just because you think you are the whole package doesn’t mean you have the right to push to the front of the line. For your information, he has cerebral palsy you utter f***-nut! He is much nicer than you, spottie! You make me ashamed! So get to the back of the line and f*** off!”

(All four boys look absolutely gob-smacked, and the Boy #1 looks very pink.)

Boy #1: “Oh yeah? Well—”

(I cut him off with a look. At the very end when all of us have finished paying, the younger boy comes up to me.)

Younger Boy: “Thank you so much! I never would have had the guts to stand up to them like that!”

(To thank me, at the weekend we went to a film and for a drink, and now he is my boyfriend of two years!)


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