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Bully Guilt

| Related | July 28, 2016

(I’m spending time with my elder sister.)

Me: “Do you remember when we were teenagers?”

Sister: “Of course.”

Me: “Then there’s something I need to tell you. Remember, I was bullied at school when I was twelve and you used to watch me from the high school building, and when we went back home together you would always blame me and tell me only kids with no friends like me were bullied. It hurt me a lot, you know…”

Sister: “That was twenty years ago! Why are you trying to give me a guilt trip? That’s nasty!”

Me: “…”

(I wasn’t trying to give her a guilt trip. I just wanted to know why SHE used to give me guilt trips. Now I’m an anti-bullying activist and my sister is a mother. I’m very fond of her adorable daughter; that’s why I’m still in contact with her, yet there’s something broken between the two of us. I hope no one will ever, ever bully her kids: I don’t know how she would react.)

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