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Bullied Into Self-Realization

| Learning | March 2, 2014

(One of my best friends and I are pretty friendly and easy going but weren’t always so. We’ve just come out of a bullying seminar and are talking about it when my friend suddenly goes quiet.)

Friend: “Hey, babe?”

Me: “What’s up?”

Friend: “Do you remember in primary school, whenever they had those bullying talks we thought they were such bull ‘cause no-one ever really got bullied?”

Me: “Sort of, yeah. Why?”

Friend: “I just realised that the season we thought no-one got bullied was because we were the bullies!”

Me: “… Oh, my god. We actually were! I feel terrible now!”

Friend: “It actually makes sense why people keep remembering me as the girl who used to hate them!”

(It’s been over five years since then and we still feel bad about it.)

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