Building Up and Setting Up

| Romantic | February 25, 2012

(I am in the office, talking with my professor. Her colleague comes in. I am currently doing a project on ‘Habitat for Humanity’.)

Professor: “This is [my name]. She is doing her project on Habitat for Humanity. Isn’t that interesting? She builds with them every summer.”

Me: “Yeah, I go with my youth group. We build and go backpacking.”

Colleague: “Oh, wow! You know, my son loves that kind of stuff; he’s a grad student at [rival school]. He graduated from here a few years ago. You know, he’s very cute.”

(I continue making small talk about my interests, and she interjects frequently about her son sharing them.)

Professor: “Careful, [colleague]. It almost sounds like you’re trying to set them up!”

Colleague: *embarrassed* “Oh, of course not, I’m just kidding. Say, do you like archaeology?”

Me: “No, not particularly. Why?”

Colleague: “Oh, my son likes that too…”

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