Building On The Popularity Of VHS

, , , | Friendly | July 11, 2018

(I am talking to my friend on the Internet about some things, and we eventually get on the topic of VHS tapes. As we are about twenty years old, we grew up with them for a good chunk of our early childhood.)

Friend: “Yeah, I watched VHS tapes all the time as a kid. I loved watching [Movie]; I think I can quote it from memory. Too bad I don’t have it anymore.”

Me: “RIP, VHS tapes, the building blocks of my childhood.”

Friend: “LOL! I know they were great at teaching you things. I know I had one that taught you about trains or something.”

Me: “No, I was legit meaning building blocks.”

Friend: “What?”

Me: “My siblings and I are all close in age, and my Mom decided to let us play with VHS tapes as building blocks. We built houses and would outline ourselves with them when we got bored.”

Friend: “So…”

Me: “VHS tapes were literally the building blocks of my childhood.”

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