Building Him Up

| Related | March 1, 2012

(It is morning, and my 3-year-old daughter saunters into our room when she wakes up, as usual. She climbs into bed.)

Daughter: “I want breakfast! Daddy! Get me breakfast!”

Me: “Okay, give me a minute.”

(A few seconds pass.)

Daughter: “Daddy, you’re the goodest builder in the whole world!”

Me: “Um, thank you sweetie.”

Daughter: “You build things for everybody who needs them! You’re the best builder ever! Anyone who ever needs anything built, you can build it for them.”

Me: “Thank you.”

Daughter: “The BEST builder in the whole world! And if anyone wants breakfast, you can get them breakfast!”

Me: “Very subtle.”

Daughter: “You’re the BEST builder in the whole world. You can build anything for anyone…”

(This continues until I get out of bed to get her breakfast.)

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