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Building A Punchline

| Romantic | July 6, 2013

(A close childhood friend of mine is going through some serious mental illness issues, and I’m still dealing with it. My fiancée and I are watching the DIY Network.)

Me: *unenthused* “Bob the builder…”

Fiancée: *super enthusiastic* “CAN WE FIX IT?!”

Me: “Bob the builder…?”

Fiancée: “YES WE CAN!”

Me: “Wha—”

Fiancée: “ONE MORE TIME!”

Me: “Bob the builder?”

Fiancée: “CAN WE FIX IT!?”

Me: “Bob the builder?”

Fiancée: “Nope, it’s f*****.”

(I start laughing uncontrollably. Apparently, this is her plan to make me stop dwelling on it so much!)

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