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Bugging Them To Get Paid

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I worked for a couple months for a chain fast food restaurant. The first week I worked there, I was told I had just missed payroll and would have to wait three weeks to be paid. It seemed an okay job with free food, so I didn’t stress it.

On the first payday after I started, though, I was told that I hadn’t been entered in the system correctly and as a result, I had to wait for the next payday, when they’d add everything up and I’d get a good cheque.

Keep in mind this was 2010 or so, and it was a popular fast food chain that really should have had good systems in place.

A few weeks later, I tried again to get my cheque, at which point I was told they’d forgotten to enter my data, so I’d have to wait again. That annoyed me enough that I said I just wouldn’t come back until I was paid. I was then told I’d be fired if I did that. I asked if it would make any difference to be fired or to quit a job where I was basically volunteering, and told them to sort out my paystub before I came back.

Two days later, I went into the mall the restaurant was in to get some bugs at the pet store for my pet frog. On the way out, I stopped in to try to get my cheque. After waiting in the busy line for a bit, I put the bag of bugs on the counter and asked if the manager had gotten my cheque ready yet.

The guy said no, but kept looking at the bugs for some reason, and then said he’d go get the manager to talk to me. She came to me with cash and my paystub scribbled on a paper, and she also kept looking at the bugs.  

I actually left the restaurant before I realized why they were looking at the bugs. It’s too bad I didn’t think of it while I was in the restaurant, because I could totally have wrecked the company’s reputation for cleanliness. I’d have gotten myself banned from the mall, though, and probably gotten sued, but I could have dragged them through the mud in the media nicely by explaining why.