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Bugging Out With The Buggy

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(I’m at the grocery store, trying to ignore the loud-mouthed woman who keeps berating her three-year-old son for getting in front of her buggy. I have sent her a few nasty looks, and so have some of the other shoppers, but as I’m not a confrontational individual, I’m hesitant to say anything. I’m watching as she keeps grabbing his hand and yanking him to the side any time he gets in her way.)

Other Shopper: “You shouldn’t talk to that baby that way.”

Loud-Mouthed Woman: “Shut the f*** up!”

(She grabs her kid and goes to another aisle. It happens that I come across them a few aisles later, and she’s still yelling at her kid. Eventually, he gets in front of her again, and this time she rams her cart into him, knocking him down on the cold, concrete floor. He busts his nose, hard, and starts screaming.)

Loud-Mouthed Woman: “That’s what you get! I told you not to get in front of me!”

(I come up behind her and ram my cart into her hard enough to knock her forward.)

Loud-Mouthed Woman: “OW! Hey! What the f***? Watch where you’re going!”

Me: “Doesn’t feel so good, does it? B****.”

Loud-Mouthed Woman: “F*** you!”

Me: “No, f*** you! That baby doesn’t deserve what you’re doing. You’re an abusive mother.”

(By this time, another shopper had notified the manager of the incident and they saw to the kid, whose nose wasn’t broken, but we could tell he was still hurting. Since there were so many witnesses to what the woman did for the past thirty minutes, and because she basically attacked her child, the manager decided to call the police about the situation. There were a lot of negative things said about her. I don’t know if CPS was called, or what the police did, but I hope she learned a lesson, either way.)

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