Brush That Request Aside

, , , | Friendly | February 4, 2018

(I have a medium-sized makeup collection which naturally includes makeup brushes. I saved up for two years to be able to collect every brush I need to apply my makeup, like specific eye brushes and things like that. All of my brushes are pretty expensive — none of them cost below 18 dollars — hence the time it took to create my collection. Also, being a high school student in my last year, I’ve mostly been saving up from my job and allowance. I sort of justified spending a lot on them because you should only have to buy them once and not again and again. My friend, however, uses cheaper brushes from dollar stores or online. One day, she asks me this:)

Friend: “You know, for [cosmetology class], I’m kind of embarrassed bringing in my old brushes.”

(In our cosmetology class, there are many times where we learn to apply our own makeup with different techniques, and sometimes we do facials, so afterwards we have to put on our makeup again. I’ve already done the class, but my friend just went in.)

Me: *joking* “Just hide and do it in the corner then.”

Friend: “Yeah, but I was wondering if you, like… wanted to switch our brushes for a week?”

Me: *giving her a non-believing look* “Um, really?”

Friend: “I was thinking of it for a long time. It would be fun!”

Me: “No. First of all, you know how long it took me to collect all of my brushes. Second of all, I would have to wash them before I lent them to you, and after again!”

Friend: *shocked* “I can’t believe that you would say no! I would’ve lent mine to you.”

Me: “Well, yours are more… cheap. I’m not lending mine; maybe you should have saved up for yours, too.”

Friend: “I can’t believe you. I would’ve lent mine to you for however long you wanted!”

(She then stormed off. I know that she likes my brushes, but I actually spent a lot on them; I’m not just going to hand them over for a “week.”)

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