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, | USA | Right Working | January 11, 2018

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(Recently my restaurant has been really struggling to make a profit. We have a decent amount of customers but we never are able to break even. In an attempt to come up with ideas to increase our profits I call a team meeting with all the staff.)

Me: “Hey, everyone. Turns out we haven’t been hitting out goals for the month. Does anyone have any ideas on how we could bring in more customers?”

Waitress: “We could put a big sign out to advertise more.”

Me: “A good idea, but unfortunately we don’t really have the funds to get said big sign.”

Chef #1: “We could maybe use cheaper food?”

Chef #2: “Nah, we don’t want people to think we’re too cheap to give them good food.”

(A few more ideas are pitched out with no luck.)

Waitress: “I know it seems mean, but maybe we could skip next Monday’s charity brunch.”

Me: “Haha! We’re not even open on Monday.”

Chef #1: “Yeah, we are. We always do the charity brunch.”

Me: “Nice joke, guys, but I know we aren’t open on Monday.”

(They weren’t joking. As it turned out my now ex-assistant restaurant manager was claiming to be the owner to their friends and would open my restaurant every Monday to give their friends free brunch!)

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