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Brown And Crumbly, Like His Brain

, , , | Right | November 14, 2019

(I work at a drive-thru West-Mex restaurant known for its seasoned tater tots. We have a burrito with them in it, with three options for meat, which are all about as popular as the other, so there’s no “automatic” choice for it.)

Customer: “I’d like a meat and potato burrito.”

Me: “Sure thing, a meat and potato burrito. Would you like that to be beef, grilled chicken, or crunchy chicken?”

Customer: “I want the meat kind!”

Me: “Sir, those are all meat.”

Customer: *now yelling* “I want the meat kind!”

Me: “Okay, sir, and what does the meat kind look like?”

Customer: *calm again* “Oh, uh, I don’t know… brown and crumbly?”

Me: “That sounds like our beef taco meat, so you wanted that meat and potato burrito to be beef?”

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