Brought A Bat’leth To A Phaser Fight

| Working | December 16, 2015

(My love of Star Trek is renowned among my friends and coworkers. This happened many years ago, back when VHS was beginning to give way to DVD. A new hire at the grocery store where I worked tried to show me up.)

Cashier: “Hey, [My Name], I bet I’m a bigger Trekkie than you!”

Me: “Oh? How so?

Cashier: “Well, I own all the movies on video.”

Me: “I own them all on DVD.”

Cashier: “I have two Star Trek pins.”

Me: “I have a dozen.”

Cashier: “I went to a Star Trek convention once, and I met Scotty.”

Me: “I’ve been to several, and I’ve met Scotty, Uhura, PIcard, Riker, Worf, and Major Kira.”

Cashier: “Do you have any of the action figures?”

Me: “A few.”

Cashier: “Are they still in the box?”

Me: “Of course!”

(The store manager’s been in earshot and listening to this whole exchange.)

Store Manager: “YOU’RE NOT WINNING!”

Cashier: “Yeah, well, I also collect hockey cards.”

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