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Brother Not From Another Mother

| Related | June 17, 2012

(I’m the second oldest of seven kids on my moms side of the family, the fourth of ten all together. I’m visiting my mom at her house.)

3-year-old brother: “My mom says—”

Me: “She’s my mom, too.”

3-year-old brother: “No.”

Me: “Yes. She is she is your mom, and my mom.”

3-year-old brother: “No, she’s my mom!”

Me: “She’s your mom and my mom. We are brother and sister.”

3-year-old brother: *runs off while screaming* “Mommy! She says that you are her mom too!”

Mom: “I am her mom, sweetie.”

3-year-old brother: “No, no, no! You are my mommy, and [5-year-old sister’s] mommy, and [10-year-old step sister’s] mommy, and [15-year-old step sister’s] mommy, and [17-year-old step brother’s] mommy, and [21-year-old brother’s name] mommy!”

Me: “What about me?”

3-year-old brother: “No. You don’t get my mommy. She’s mine.”

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