Brother Bother

| USA | Romantic | March 5, 2013

(My boyfriend and I were supposed to do something this night but I had to cancel due to another dinner. I am at the restaurant with my guest, where I see my boyfriend approaching me, looking mad.)

Boyfriend: “So this is why you couldn’t do dinner tonight you’re cheating on me?”

Me: “No, I’m here with…”

Boyfriend: *cutting me off* “Don’t lie to me. I’m not an idiot! How could you cheat on me? You just want in his pants don’t you? Am I not fulfilling enough for you?”

(He’s yelling at this point, and everyone in the restaurant is staring.)

Me: *blushing* “Please stop and let me explain, you don’t need to be so loud.”

Boyfriend: “I don’t need to be so loud? You’re cheating on me for heavens sake and you want me to be quiet?”

Me: “This is my older brother from out of town. Remember I told you he’d be in town this week?”

Brother: “Nice to meet you.”

(Let’s just say my boyfriend apologized about 100 times for that. But on the bright side on of the waitresses felt so bad she gave us free drinks!)

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