Bringing The Shine To ‘Come Rain Or Shine’

, , | Hopeless | September 30, 2016

(I decide to take my 21-month-old daughter with me to the post office to mail a package. It had been raining but it has stopped and the sun is shining, leaving me to believe that it is clear. We get down there and I realize not only did I lose my money, but that it is pouring outside.)

Me: “Oh, man… I… I have no choice. I have to go. The post office is closing.”

(I cover my daughter, and head out, thinking I can cross the road, avoid getting splashed, and perhaps find my money, but the vehicles just won’t stop coming. I’m near tears, thinking that I failed today as a mother as I am getting dirty looks for having my baby out in the rain, despite the fact she’s having a blast and laughing.)

Me: “I’m sorry, [Daughter], I really am…”

Daughter: “Mama?”

(I start walking, thinking I’m hearing my daughter make her usual noises when a lady runs up to me.)

Lady: “Hey, now! I’ve been calling for you.”

Me: “I-I’m sorry, I thought it was her. Can I help you?”

Lady: “No, but I can help you. My car is on the other side of the post office. Where do you live?”

Me: *I point to the apartment building* “Right there. Why?”

Lady: “Get your baby and get in the car. I’ll put the stroller and package in the back. You shouldn’t have to walk in the rain with a baby. I’m shocked no one has offered yet!”

Me: “Are you sure? I have no car-seat with me.”

Lady: “I’m sure. It’s better than her getting soaked and sick, or you! Come on now, dear.”

(She brought us home, and even carried the stroller and package inside. Lady, I know I said it more than once, but thank you, so, so, SO much. My daughter is dry and is currently watching her favorite show and snuggling her blanket.)

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