Bringing Herself Down(load)

| Related | January 29, 2016

(My mum complained that her laptop was very slow. When my brother checked it, he found that it was full of viruses. It took him hours to clean everything up.)

Brother: *to mum* “Okay, it’s done. Don’t go round downloading rubbish again.”

Mum: “What? I never download anything!”

Brother: “You kept downloading viruses! That’s why the computer was slow!”

Mum: “But I never download anything!”

Me: *realising that my mum does not know what ‘downloading’ means* “Ma, don’t click on things you’re not supposed to. Like all those flashing ads and all that.”

Mum: “But they all say ‘Click Here.’ So I did.”

Brother: *groans* “And those are viruses. You click on them and they get downloaded into your laptop and slow down your system.”

Mum: “But… but they told me to click! I never gave them permission to download anything into my computer.”

Brother: “So you listen to complete strangers over the Internet but not your own family? Stop clicking on them!”

Mum: “But I didn’t give them permission to download. I didn’t download anything!”

Me: *to my brother* “Maybe we should just ban her from her own computer.”

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