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Bringing Her Baggage In With Her

, , , , | Right | December 18, 2018

(As I’m cashing out a customer she points out she has a reusable bag purchased from our store.)

Customer: “I want you to bag everything how I tell you, and hand each bag to me so I can put it inside the reusable bag I bought. Okay?”

Me: “Okay, no problem.”

Customer: “I want the milk double-bagged, and don’t forget to hand me it. Don’t turn the bag turner.”

Me: “All right, no problem.”

(She continues to order me through the whole transaction as she puts the plastic bags I hand her inside the reusable bag.)

Me: “Okay, your total will be $67.00.”

Customer: “Did you give me the bring-your-own-bag discount?”

Me: “I’m sorry, we don’t offer one.”

Customer: “Well, I want a discount. I brought my own bag; I’m saving the environment.”

Me: “I’m sorry, I cannot give you a discount that’s not there.”


Manager: *comes up* “What’s wrong?”

Customer: “He won’t give me a discount for bringing my own bag!”

Manager: “We don’t offer one, plus from the looks of it he bagged everything.”

Customer: *throws money at my register* “I AM NOT COMING BACK EVER!”

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