Bring Me My Food But Never Leave Me!

, , , | Right | November 29, 2018

(I’m at a restaurant where the kitchen isn’t very fast but the waitresses are very nice and accommodating. The couple next to us has complained about the coffee temperature, their food being dry, how rude the waitress is for not waiting on them hand and foot, etc. They’re slowing her down, and it affects my table’s service, though I’m not going to complain. When she is able to break away from them, she offers us free dessert in compensation. I swear that other couple has bat ears. They call her back over and demand to know why THEY don’t get free dessert — even though she comped their meals — and tell her to call a manager so they can complain. The manager comes, and they get free dessert along with their free meal. Finally satisfied, the manager is able to leave. He comes to ask us how our service was.)

Me: “Our waitress is amazing and very patient! She’s very thorough in making sure all our orders are correct and that we’re happy.”

(I left her a big tip because I had no confidence that couple would. Thankfully, I did see her at the restaurant a week later, and that annoying couple was nowhere to be found.)

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