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Bright Lights Like These Are Easy To Spot

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I work at a drive-thru. Every so often, and more so in these stressful times, we have people offering to pay for the order of the person behind them.

Today, we have a bit of a line waiting. There is a policeman in line, and the woman behind him tells us when she orders that she would like to pay for his order.

Now, the woman ahead of the policeman has come to the window. She says she wants to pay for the policeman behind her. We inform her that the woman behind the policeman has already claimed paying for him.

Customer #1: “Fine. I’ll pay for her order, too, then.”

We are a little surprised, but we run the transaction. When the policeman comes up, we tell him that both the woman in front of him and the woman behind him wanted to pay for his order, but the woman in front won out.

Me: *To my coworker* “Just watch; since the woman in front paid for the woman behind, I bet the woman behind is going to pay for the order behind her.”

The police officer gets his food and leaves, and the woman behind him comes up to the window.

Coworker: “Good morning, ma’am! You wanted to bless the police officer in front of you, and so did the woman ahead of the police officer. When she heard that you had said you would pay for his food first, she actually paid for your food, as well as his!”

Customer #2: “She… what? Oh. Well, then… I guess I’ll pay for the person behind me, then!”

Me: “I called it!”

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