Bribery (Adjusted For Inflation)

, , , , , | Right | March 23, 2008

(A guy and his wife came into my store to ask about Wii’s. The conversation went as follows…)

Man: “Where do you keep your Wii’s at?”

Me: “We don’t have any in stock right now.”

Man: “When you gettin’ some?”

Me: “No idea man. They just ship it to us…we are getting them about once a week but no set date or anything like that.”

Man: “Uh-huh… so you know the date but you aren’t allowed to tell us.”

Me: “No… I don’t know the date.”

Man’s wife: “They play it off like it’s a big secret!”

(They leave and the man comes back about 25 minutes later, this time without his wife. He has this giant smile on his face and approaches me next to the counter.)

Man: “Hey buddy, if you let me know when one of those Wii’s come in I’ll give you twenty dollars.”

Me: *in a very childlike excited tone* “Twenty dollars?!?! Really mister? That will totally cover all my bills and rent and anything else I need but can’t afford because I’ve lost my job!!”

Man: “Everybody is a godd**n smarta**…”

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