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(I work for a kid’s craft company, I have an area in a shopping center with tables and chairs and the kids can come and do a free craft with us. One school holiday, I’m working with a young girl who is about 16 and the kids are coloring in animal masks. There’s a young family with two kids coloring and a mum holding a baby. The mum begins to breastfeed the child and my coworker comes over to me.)

Coworker: *shocked* “She shouldn’t be doing that in here.”

Me: *only just noticing her breastfeeding now because she was very discreet* “She’s just feeding her baby; it’s fine.”

Coworker: “But there are children around here; she should be doing that in private, not in the middle of the shops. We should ask her to stop or leave.”

Me: *shocked at my coworker* “Just leave it. It’s illegal to ask her to leave because she is breastfeeding.”

(Since I was a few years older than her and the lead person for that job — we don’t have supervisors or managers at the center — she left it. I was so shocked to think that my coworker, who I’d worked with a few times already, would want to ask the mom to leave. The mom and her kids came back a few more times that week and the next week, which was a different craft, and she continued to breastfeed whilst her kids did the craft. I’m so happy we could help keep her two older children occupied whilst she fed the baby. I’m sure it can be overwhelming to have to take two kids and a baby out without anyone else to help you.)

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