Breast Not To Mess With Me

| Friendly | January 3, 2017

My six-month-old baby starts to cry out of hunger whilst I am on a train. I live in the UK and am on the train to London so it’s not like I live in a very conservative country. Out of courtesy, when I breastfeed I am discreet and subtle and always use a specialised breastfeeding cloak for privacy. I am sitting near three young men who have been talking about women rather vulgarly amongst themselves but other than that have been no bother until they notice me feeding:

Ignorant Man #1: “That’s disgusting! I haven’t even had lunch yet! Put that t*t away; I don’t wanna see that!”

Me: “You’re very ignorant. If it bothers you then look away.”

Ignorant Man #2: “We’re not going anywhere. We paid for these seats. Stop it now. It’s disgusting.”

Me: “Well, I overheard you saying that you hadn’t paid for those seats but that’s besides the point. I’m going to feed my baby and will continue to feed my baby until she’s done feeding. Either you be ok with that or I will do something about it.”

Ignorant Man #1: “F*** off. You can’t do anything about it. Disgusting!”

At this point I feel humiliated and close to tears but they don’t know who they are messing with. I notify the train guard who is a short woman and tell her about being verbally abused. She then confronts these men as the train stops at a station still about fifty miles outside of London. Note that there are three of them and they are very tall.

Guard: “Right, you three, off the train. I want a word.”

Ignorant Man #2: “Well, I’m leaving my bags here because I’m getting back on this train!”

Guard: “Up to you but I would take your bags with you if I were you.”

Ignorant Man #3: “She should get off! Getting her boob out on the train. Disgusting woman!”

Guard: “Right, I’ve heard enough. Off the train or I’ll make you get off. You can either go now or when the police get here, explain to them.”

(At this point this soldier of a woman had them off the train. They continued to verbally abuse her but she just closed the door and waved them goodbye as the train pulls off. The British Transport Police phoned me immediately and asked if I wanted to press charges. I said yes. Not only was it verbal abuse but to tell a breastfeeding woman to stop in public is actually illegal in the UK. I hope being stranded fifty miles from London gave them time to reflect on their ignorance.)

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