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Breast Birthday Ever

, , , | Right | October 11, 2018

(I am working as floor staff at a small movie theater. Occasionally, we host birthday parties for kids, and we treat them to a tour of the automated projection room before their showing begins. Today we are hosting a birthday party of about ten preteen boys. I have brought them upstairs along with two parental chaperones and am showing them around. It is between showings at the moment; some of the movies have started already but most still have a while to go before they begin.)

Me: “All right, guys, you can go ahead and look around! Have fun, and I’m right here if you have any questions!”

(The boys scatter throughout the room, looking at the projection machines and peering through the windows into the theaters.)

Boy #1: “I can see our theater! Look, there’s my mom!”

Boy #2: “This one has previews!”

Boy #3: “This one has boobies!

(The boy points excitedly to a projector that has already started… showing a sex scene! Immediately, all the other kids rush over to the “boobie projector” as I exchange mortified glances with their parents.)

Me: “Oh, my God! Uh, kids, you might want to wait a few years for that one!”

(We managed to distract them with a scary story, and luckily the parents were very understanding. I’m just glad they didn’t see anything below the waist!)

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