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Breast Awareness

| Related | January 11, 2014

(My wife has recently broken her toe, so she has been walking around in a protective boot. This is following a year of serious medical issues, including a neural angiogram for a suspected aneurysm, gall stones, and to top it off, several months of treatment for breast cancer, after which she had a double mastectomy. She had just been told she couldn’t reconstruct for another year, so she finally went and got breast prosthetics. She wears them the next day to an event at our son’s school. She’s feeling very self-conscious about the prosthetics, since to her they seem very large. We see another family we know fairly well.)

Husband Of The Other Family: “Hey, [My Wife]! Did you have surgery?”

My Wife: “No! They’re prosthetics!” *gesturing to her chest*

Husband Of The Other Family: “Uh, no, I, uh… I meant your foot. Since you’re wearing that walking boot.”

(Everyone turns a little red in the face before we all start laughing about it!)

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