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Breaking The Code

, , , , | Working | August 29, 2017

One of the local pizza chains (which I’d been ordering from twice a month or so for years, and the only complaint I had was that they sometimes delivered too fast and I had to oven the pizza for a few minutes) was sending deals via (opt-in) text message, and one of these was insanely good. I don’t remember the details, but it worked out to something like 60% off. I online-ordered ten pizzas for a party.

The pizza arrived, and the driver demanded to know where I got the code, and when I refused to pull out my phone to show him the message (I was trying to juggle ten large pizzas, money, and assorted sides at the time, and the phone was in the other room), he responded with, “That’s what I thought. My manager told me to tell you never to pull that s*** again.”

The food was perfectly fine, but I was filling out the complaint form before the driver reached the main street. Never got a reply back — but when I ordered again a few weeks later, the driver (who I’d never seen before) was visibly terrified, and I found out that this was because, “last time we delivered to this house, three or four people got fired.”

Question of the Week

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