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Breaking Down Until You Snap

, , , , , | Learning | December 17, 2019

(I manage to break both my arms in a spectacularly clumsy moment. With both my arms in casts to above my elbows, I’m pretty helpless and there’s no way I can attend school, but I visit once a week to pick up my classwork so I won’t fall behind. I’m usually shy and fly under the radar, so at first, I enjoy the attention I get from my classmates, but the novelty wears thin pretty quickly. For me, at least. First week:)

Classmate #1: “You must be pretty happy to get to skip school, right?”

Me: *laughs* “Well, I like school, but I guess sleeping in is cool.”

(Second week:)

Classmate #1: *to friend* “Dude, she’s soooo lucky she gets to skip class.”

Classmate #2: “Dude, cool it.”

Me: “It’s not really all that fun. Seriously.”

(Third week:)

Classmate #1: “Wow, you must really be enjoying the vacation, right?”

Teacher: “I really doubt [My Name] considers having both her arms in casts a vacation. Now sit down.”

Me: *mostly under my breath* “THANK you.”

(Fourth week:)

Classmate #1: “Man, [My Name] is so lucky! I wish I could spend a month at home!”

Me: *completely done* “FINE! How about if you get to stay at home and I get to wipe my own a** for a change?!”


Classmate #1: “Geez, what’s her problem?”

Classmate #2: *facepalms*

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