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Breakfast Breaking Through

, , , , | Hopeless | November 29, 2016

Since I got my current job a little over a year ago, I’ve gone through a particular fast food restaurant’s drive-thru to pick up breakfast every week or two. I love this particular store because they are very friendly, so much so that even though I’m not there all that often they all know my name and my regular order. In the same period of time, I have been rear ended twice on the freeway I have to use to commute to work. In the worst accident my car was totaled and I suffered injuries that, while not life threatening, have had a permanent effect on my quality of life. As a result, I find commuting in bad traffic very stressful.

This particular morning, it is raining hard and there are a number of accidents along the way which makes the commute particularly bad. I decide to stop and get a hot breakfast to try and help myself relax. The woman working the drive-thru recognizes me as I give her my order. I drive to the pick-up window and start to hand her my payment as usual, but she shakes her head and hands me my food. To my shock, she told me that she was sure the morning commute had been particularly stressful for me with all the accidents, and my breakfast was on her this morning!

Her kind gesture literally brought tears to my eyes. The fact that she had noticed my stress and cared enough to try and turn the day around really made me feel terrific!

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