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Bread Is The Bad Staff Of Life

| Working | May 25, 2015

(I’m at a very famous sandwich shop chain, ordering a sandwich for dinner.)

Clerk: “And what kind of bread would you like?”

Me: “What kinds of bread do you have?”

(The clerk points to a diagram listing all their breads.)

Clerk: “Read the sign.”

Me: “Okay… um… I’ll have Parmesan oregano.”

Clerk: “We’re all out.”

Me: “Oh. I’ll have Italian herbs and cheese then.”

Clerk: “We’re all out.”

Me: “Honey oat?”

Clerk: “We’re all out.”

Me: “Well, what kinds of bread do you have?”

(The clerk once again points to the diagram and is quite angry now.)


(There is NOTHING on the sign saying what kinds of bread they are all out of.)

Me: “Let me rephrase. What kinds of bread are you NOT all out of?”

Clerk: “Oh… All we have right now is white bread.”

Me: “Then I’ll take that.”

Question of the Week

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