Bread Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

| Australia | Right | January 20, 2012

Manager: *laughing* “You’re gonna love this. There was a complaint against you.”

Me: “Oh, okay?”

Manager: “Apparently you…um, package bread sticks suggestively.”

Me: “Pardon?”

Manager: “Yeah. This is what the actual complaint says: ‘She slid the bread stick into the paper bag while looking at my husband and smiling. I just know she was trying to flirt with him! We couldn’t even eat it, thanks to that hussy!'”

(My manager and I crack up laughing. I’m a lesbian.)

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  • ITrollLiberals

    Your sexuality had nothing to do with this ridiculous complaint. Nobody cares

    • steeledminer616

      Actually it makes it more funny. The woman assumed the employee was flirting with her husband… which is why it’s funny because that flat out couldn’t happen due to the employee’s sexuality.

      Imagine if they same complaint was sent in where the employee was a heterosexual male.

      • Dsru Bin

        @itrollliberals:disqus is an admitted troll. Any comment it makes is a troll – it has no nontroll comments.