Brand Spankin’ New Employee

| Richfield, MN, USA | Right | July 1, 2011

(This is my first job. A customer walks up to my register to check out his items. However, my register is malfunctioning and I can not scan more than 15 items.)

Customer: “Hello there, young’un. Just these for me today.”

Me: “I do apologize sir, but I cannot scan more than 15 items today.”

(I turn my head to see if there is another register open when I feel a hard pull on my collar. Suddenly, the customer pulls me over the register.)

Customer: “I’ll teach you to disrespect your elders!”

(He starts spanking me with his cane right by my aisle in view of my manager.)

Manager: “I’d stop this, but it is really entertaining.”

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  • Gabby Signs

    Your manager is an a$$hole

    • Moon

      I hope that justice was served.

  • Michelle Trompeter

    I call bs on this one

    • ChocSprinkles


  • Apologetic CheeseChomper

    The customer would’ve felt my fist connecting with his solarplexus if it had been me. WTF is wrong with this guy AND the manager?

  • Kevin Kennedy

    Whack the manager for allowing this