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Brains Over Brawn

| Right | January 3, 2012

(I work as a patient coordinator in an outpatient clinic. In our waiting room, we have a coffee machine that has three options on it: mild, regular, and bold. To use it, one simply opens up the compartment and places a single packet on the tray.)

Coworker: “There’s coffee everywhere in the waiting room!”

(I go to check it out. There is coffee all in the general area, on a patient, who is unhurt, and all of her papers. I ask the patient what happened)

Patient: “Your coffee machine is terrible; that’s what happened! Your coffee is so weak and I tried to make it stronger! Then, it shot coffee everywhere!”

Me: “Sorry to hear that! Let me see what I can do.”

(I open the coffee machine to see that the patient has shoved two coffee packets in the compartment, which clearly is supposed to take one. It’s a wonder the machine didn’t break.)

Me: “Ma’am, did you place two coffee packets in the compartment?”

Patient: “Of course! How else can I make it stronger?”

Me: *noticing the “Mild” option is selected* “Next time, please press the button that says ‘Bold’.”