Brace(let) Yourselves For This Gem Of Entitlement

, , | Right | September 2, 2019

(A customer comes into our jewelry department with a bracelet his wife bought from us. It has very unusual charms hanging from it, and he says one fell off.)

Customer: “Can you send it in for repair?”

Me: “If you still had the charm, they could reattach it, but since it’s lost there’s not really anything they can do.”

Customer: “Can’t they just get a new one and attach it?”

Me: “They can only work with gems and metals, sir, and they don’t carry original pieces in stock. They wouldn’t have anything like this, and they don’t have the materials to make it.”

Customer: “Can you send it in, anyway? This is her absolute favorite bracelet.”

Me: “I promise you that they will not have a charm like this, and I would hate to waste your time. We do still have one of these bracelets in stock; would your wife like to buy that as a replacement?”

(He gets on the phone with his wife.)

Customer: “She’s asking if she can get the new one for free, since this one broke.”

Me: “Did she buy a warranty from us?”

Customer: “She’s not sure.”

(I look up her information, but nothing comes up in our system.)

Me: “It doesn’t look like she purchased one, and we can only offer free replacements with an active warranty. How long ago did she buy it?”

Customer: “She says it’s only been a few months.”

Me: “If it’s only been a month or two, we might consider that a manufacturer defect. Let me get my manager.”

(The customer passes the phone over to my manager, who has to look through the wife’s store card transactions on the computer since she has no proof of purchase. It takes her longer than it should, and she finally says into the phone:)

Manager: “Well, ma’am, it looks like this bracelet was purchased six years ago, so we are unable to replace it for free. However, we do have the same bracelet in store, and it’s on sale today for [price more than 50% off].”

(The wife says something, and my manager’s eyebrow raises in disbelief.)

Manager: “…I can sell a new bracelet to your husband for [price more than 50% off].”

(The customer buys the new bracelet and leaves, and my manager shakes her head.)

Manager: “She said, ‘So, what can you do for me?’ Even if she had a warranty, it would have been expired.”

Me: “I’d be over the moon if a store still carried my favorite bracelet six years later! Some people…”

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