Bra-zen Bigots Begone

| London, UK | Working | February 25, 2013

(My colleague and I work with a client who has a severe learning disability (often known as mental retardation in the US). She’s recently lost a lot of weight, so my coworker takes her to a local department store to do a bra fitting.)

Colleague: “Excuse me, you do bra fittings; is that correct?”

Assistant: “Yes, we… oh. Is it for you?”

Colleague: “No, it’s for my client. This is her.” *indicates our mentally disabled client* “She has a severe learning disability and may struggle to understand what’s happening, so I’m here to support her.”

Assistant: “Why are you telling me all this?”

Colleague: “Um… so that you know what’s going on if [client] reacts badly or I have to help her understand what’s happening.”

Assistant: “You don’t have to tell me this. I’m not touching HER. These people don’t need bra fittings.”

Colleague: “Excuse me? She’s an adult woman who needs a well-fitting bra just like you and me.”

Assistant: “THESE people don’t need fittings. Who would SHE ever need to look good for? Anyway, THESE people always wear a size bigger than they need.”

Colleague: “Would that be because people like you refuse to measure them? Why else would anyone deliberately wear a bra that’s too big?”

Assistant: “Don’t ask me why these people are the way they are. That’s your job. Anyway, I can tell that SHE is a 40DD!”

(We decided to take our client to another store, where they discovered that she was actually a 36B. We put in a complaint at the first store, and the assistant was dismissed for breaching the Disability Discrimination Act.)

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