Bra-ce Yourself For Teenage Awesomeness

, | Hopeless | February 9, 2017

(I am working in the fitting room of a popular Canadian fitness brand. Two young girls come in, clearly sisters. The older one has two sport bras and she goes into the changing room to try them. My manager tells me over the headset to watch them because teenagers are notorious for stealing at our store, especially girls with big purses like she has. She comes out in a sports bra and asks my opinion, clearly shy. Her sister is on the couch on her phone so she has to ask me. We discuss waist sizes and she decides to buy a bra. She thanks me and goes up to buy it. I think nothing of this until the staff meeting at the end of the day.)

Manager: “And [My Name], we had a girl call in today saying you did a wonderful job.”

Me: “Really?!”

Manager: “She sounded young, too.”

(My manager looks a little suspicious. We’ve had instances where people’s friends call to say that they did a good job just so their friend would get praise or a raise.)

Me: “Maybe it was those two girls I helped.”

(The next day my manager texted me saying the girl called back to make sure I got praise. Whoever this girl was, she helped me become a supervisor.)

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