Boys Are Dummies

| Related | March 11, 2015

(I am five years old and have spent only a few days in kindergarten. My mom is very strict about using strong words when I am that age. The following happens after we get home.)

Me: “Mama, mama! I saw a bad word on the restroom wall today! I saw the D-word!”

(Mom blanches and assumes the worst. She then proceeds to tell me about the anatomical differences between boys and girls, as well as how babies are made and how they are born.)

Mom: *very calmly* “Do you understand, sweetheart?”

Me: *nodding* “Yes!”

Mom: “Now, what was the word you saw written on the restroom wall?”

(I’m not allowed to say bad words at all, so I’m eager to say it.)

Me: *shouting* “DUMMY!”