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Boy, What A Pain!

, , , , | Right | October 19, 2020

There is construction going on outside our store, so we have workers in and out using our bathroom all the time. My coworker and I don’t notice one of them has sat down at the end of an aisle, out of direct sight. A customer approaches as my coworker notices the worker and walks over. The worker is female.

Customer: “What’s wrong with her?”

Me: *Concerned* “I don’t know; we just noticed her.”

Customer: “Must be boy troubles.”

Me: “Are you serious?”

Customer: “Yeah, she’s crying; she must be having boy troubles.”

Shocked at his response, I just rang him through quickly and “forgot” the polite goodbye. An ambulance was eventually called and the construction worker was taken out of the store on a stretcher holding her side and in obvious pain.