Boy, What A Family!

| Friendly | January 13, 2016

(My parents wanted children, and after not having any for 14 years, my mother was very excited when she was finally pregnant with me! Two years later, another baby came along. At the time of this story, she is pregnant with her third child. The friend she is having a chat with has children that are much older than us.)

Friend: “Well, now you can finally have a boy and be done with this.”

Mom: “Be done with having kids? But… you had five.”

Friend: “Yeah, but we didn’t have the options back then that they do now.”

Mom: “Well, if you had it to do over again, which ones would you leave out?”

Friend: “Well, none of them! I love them all!”

Mom: “Exactly!”

(For the record, this baby was also a girl! After this pregnancy, my mom had a miscarriage, and then no more children came after that. She would gladly have had more had the opportunity arisen, though!)

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