Boy, Don’t Even Go There

, , , , | Learning | February 21, 2018

(This takes place in my history class. [Girl #1] walks up to our male teacher to ask to go to the bathroom. I am also a girl.)

Girl #1: “Um, can I go to the bathroom?”

Teacher: “What? No; you just had a 45 minute lunch break!”

([Girl #1] purses her lips but goes and sits down. A girl who sits behind her and in front of me suddenly pulls out a tampon.)

Girl #2: “Mr. [Teacher]?”

Teacher: “Yeah?”

Girl #2: “You want to know why she couldn’t go to the bathroom during the lunch break?”

(At this point she starts waving the tampon around.)

Girl #2: “Because she didn’t have this with her at lunch!”

Teacher: “Oh, yea-“

(He suddenly looks up and his eyes widened.)

Teacher: “Go to the bathroom.”

([Girl #1] gets up, embarrassed.)

Girl #1: “Thanks, [Girl #2]!”

(She leaves to go to the bathroom, and a couple moments later a boy asks to go to the bathroom. Our teacher says no, and when said boy points out that [Girl #1] got to go, he says:)

Teacher: “Well, you don’t have the same reason!”

(I lost it.)

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